Monthly Archives: October 2013

One Bad Day in Italy (Part 1)

Until four days ago, I had never been to Italy; however, many of my friends and family have. The universal feeling is that it is SO fabulous! Whenever it came up that we were going to Italy, people couldn’t wait to tell me how much they loved it. Not one person, ever, told me they […]

Stonehenge: Just a Pile of Rocks

Nearly one million people visit Stonehenge every year. I don’t really understand why so many people want to see a pile of old rocks when there are many more interesting things to see that don’t require a four hour drive round trip to visit, but obviously, a million people think it’s important enough to make […]

Locked Up in London

With only 10 seconds remaining on the clock, we didn’t know if we would make it out in time. Frantically, the four of us were trying to solve the final task that would ensure our escape.  For almost an hour, we’d been locked in a small Asian room in the basement of a building near […]

Torture, Beheadings, and Gin

I tried gin once in my life and thought it tasted nasty.  According to a couple of “Beefeaters” at the Tower of London, it’s one of the best gins in the world; along with Tanqueray and Hendrix being the “choice gins.”  They did not think highly of Bombay Sapphire describing it as “vile.”  But enough […]

Bathing with Your Neighbors

When I first heard that we were going to the Roman Baths in England, I just thought that “baths” was a play on word for something else. Actually, they are the public baths (or at least they were way back when). The baths are located in Bath, England. In my opinion, who would want a […]

I Did NOT Need to See That

Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the Icelandic locker rooms. As we drove to one of the community thermal pools ready for a relaxing swim, my mom flipped through her Frommer’s book on Iceland that she had picked up at our hostel. Eventually, she stumbled upon an article and began reading to […]

Iceland’s Hottest Attraction

In Iceland, my favorite attraction was the Blue Lagoon. You goofy goober SpongeBob Squarepants fans out there, I am NOT talking about his beach. What I’m talking about is a geothermal pool located in Reykjavik, Iceland. When we first got there, I was glad that the parking lot was only half full. I liked that […]