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Riley’s Guide: How to Cross the Street in Vietnam

As you probably know by now, the traffic in Vietnam is insane. Motorbikes on the sidewalks; driving on both sides of the road; entire families on a single motorcycle; and the few stop lights here are completely ignored. It is complete chaos, but the locals are unfazed by it. Now, after two and a half […]

My Day at Green Shoots International School

I have lived in the same neighborhood since I was an infant. I’ve gone to school and grown up with the same people since preschool. Being the “new kid” is a title I have never worn. The few times where I meet a big group of new people is at camp, but no one knows […]

Vietnam: Love It or Hate It?

Upon arrival at the airport in Hanoi, we walked out of the terminal and I thought that they must be having forest fires. The air was so thick and smelled like smoke. I asked our taxi driver if there were fires and he just looked at me with a blank stare oblivious to the question […]

Think Your Job’s Hard? 3 Jobs in Vietnam That Are Probably Harder

Do you ever think to yourself, Today sure was a hard day at work? Well of course, you say. This went wrong and then this happened which put me in a worse mood. Before feeling all sorry for yourself and listening to the violins play, think to yourself what others go through around the world, […]

5 Things I Love about Thailand

5. Laid-back lifestyle:  In the U.S., life is always crazy busy. Whether it’s work or juggling the kids’ itineraries, I never seem to find time to relax. In Thailand, the people are much more relaxed. Hopefully when I return to the U.S. some of that laid-back spirit will return home with me. 4.  The outdoor markets:  […]

Yin and Yang: East and West Cultural Differences

Just over 3/10 into the trip, there have been so many cultural (and strange) differences. For example, in many parts of Asia, you can’t throw toilet paper into the toilet. It could clog the drain and mess up the plumbing (out of habit I still throw it into the toilet occasionally). Then there is stuff […]

Back to My Baptist Roots…in Malaysia

We walked along Jalan Alor on a Friday night soaking it all in–the smells, the food, the culture, the chaos. Afterall, Jalan Alor is THE street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to experience street food. It is one big cultural smorgasbord of Asian ethnicities, all hawking their foods on one street. As we walked along trying […]

Malaysia’s Motherload of Malls

Imagine the biggest mall you have ever seen.  Now multiply that by four and that’s about the size of a mall in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.  Pretty big, right?  You may even think a mall that size would be the main attraction.  Well in KL, there happen to be more than twenty of these mega […]

Save Your Lips, Man. Save Your Face.

We sat on the back row cowering closely together as the cobra continued to strike out at the man. What idiot would provoke the King Cobra on purpose? I wondered to myself as the snake charmer kept trying to set the snake off. He blew in the snake’s face and tapped his fingers trying to […]