The only stops in our journey that are pre-booked are Iceland, London, and Australia. The whole idea is to let the adventure unfold as we go along. We pre-booked Australia because we will be there for Christmas and New Year’s, the peak holiday season. The following itinerary is a guideline only–we fully expect to modify it along the way based on political climates, cheap airfares, and where the weather suits our clothes.

Note: we will update the following itinerary with actual locations and dates once finalized

October 2013:
15-16:  Boston, MA
17-18:  Reykjavik, Iceland
19-24:  London, England
25:  Naples, Italy
26-28:  Sorrento, Italy
29-31:  Rome, Italy

November 2013:
1-4:  Rome, Italy
5-7:  Florence, Italy
8-12:  Venice, Italy
13-22:  Khao Lak, Thailand
23-28:  Krabi, Thailand
29-30:  Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia

December 2013:
1-2:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3-5:  Hanoi, Vietnam
6-11:  Hoi An, Vietnam
12-15:  Nha Trang, Vietnam
16-18:  Da Lat, Vietnam
19-21:  Saigon, Vietnam
22-28:  Port Douglas, Australia
29-31:  Sydney, Australia

January 2014:
1-2:  Sydney, Australia
3-22:  South Island, New Zealand
23-31:  North Island, New Zealand

February 2014:
1-3:  North Island, New Zealand
4-18:  Bali
19-22: China (including deportation to Hong Kong)

12 thoughts

  1. Delaney,
    I am so enjoying your posts. I am learning so much through your observations and I am thankful that you are willing to speak honestly about your experiences. May you continue to experience wonder, awe, and a new understanding of God’s magnificent creation.
    Praying for your safe travels,
    Lana Johnson

  2. Hello from Riley’s compacting class. All my compacting students, even 6th graders, are interested in your journey. Everyday someone asks where are they now? Have you heard from them? We are all so excited for you!

    1. Hey guys! I miss being in class with everyone, but I have really enjoyed the trip so far. Right now we are in Italy, and we are about to shave my dad’s head! I just published my second post today about London. I love Italy so much that I am learning Italian from my iPad and I want to move here for a year of college then become a teacher here for my whole life. I miss you all, ciao!

  3. Enjoy guys! Love that you guys just pack up and do it! Awesome. We are so jealous! Bryan and Brynn. You never regret traveling to different places…..good, lifelong, stuff! Take care.

  4. I’m so excited for you guys. I love all of y’all so much. I know you will miss me and I will miss you all sooo much, but I hope you have a WONDERFUL time.

  5. I totally have chills! It’s here! It’s here! THIS IS HAPPENING! I am SO excited for you all. A life-changer for sure. What a gift to follow along this adventure and see the world through your eyes. We love you all so much and are SO proud of the incredible leap of faith you are taking to LIVE MORE in the precious time that we have. We will be praying every step of the way.

    1. Rachel, thank you so much for your kind words. You’ve certainly been a huge influence in this process! Thanks for the constant reminders that childhood is precious and shouldn’t be wasted in the blur of life.

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