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Author - Kellie

Kellie Flanagan McIntyre has traveled to 50 countries, including nearly 40 with her daughters. When she's not traveling, you'll find her writing about travel and drinking sweet tea at her home in Alabama.

Acid attack survivors from L to R: Bala, Roopa, Geeta. Madhu, and Neetu

Sheroes Cafe Helps Acid Attack Victims Turn Tragedy into Triumph

Walking into the Sheroes Hangout cafe in Agra, India, we immediately knew this would be one of the most meaningful meals of our lives. Not because of the ambiance or the all-vegetarian menu, because neither was exceptionally spectacular. Rather it was because of the brave women who run...

Namaste India Dance Workshop for Tourists

Delhi Dance Academy Turns Tourists into Bollywood Stars

Don't just take your family to a Bollywood musical in Delhi. At Delhi Dance Academy, you can learn the moves to star in your very own Bollywood dance! The Namaste India Dance Workshop for tourists is just the class to ensure your visit to Delhi is a memorable one.

Chase Sapphire travel insurance fails

Travelers Beware! Don’t Get Stranded by Chase Travel Insurance

Travelers beware! If you opened a Chase Sapphire card because of the advertised travel benefits, keep reading. Despite being routinely crowned the best credit card for travelers, Chase travel insurance fails miserably. Relying on this card in a travel emergency--like a terrorist attack or...

Los Tuneles Galapagos sea turtle family trip

How to Save Thousand$ on Your Family Galapagos Trip!

A once-in-a-lifetime family Galapagos trip can cost a bundle...but it doesn't have to. Learn how to plan the perfect 10-12 day Galapagos itinerary that provides an extraordinary experience on an ordinary budget. You can finally cross this destination off your family's bucket list!

Post Office at Floreana Island, Galapagos

5 Tips for Visiting Post Office Bay on Floreana Island, Galapagos

Did you know there is a post office that will deliver your mail anywhere in the world and it's ABSOLUTELY free?! Learn tips for visiting Floreana Island and participating in the 200 year Galapagos Islands' tradition. You never know who'll you meet when you deliver a card from Post Office...

5 Reasons to Visit Holbox Island, Mexico

Worried about Mexico's new travel warning about bad booze and violence? With whale sharks and pristine beaches, Holbox Island is the Yucatan's best-kept secret! You won't find Carlos-n-Charlie's, Senor Frog's, theme parks, or high rises on Holbox. You won't get hassled either. Visitors...