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Our Family’s Global Family Field Trip

The following story of our global family field trip appeared in Birmingham’s Over the Mountain Journal on March 15.  It gives a 30,000 foot view of our ~5 month journey. Amped-up Road Trip.

Riley’s Post-Trip Report

Well, we’re back home. It feels crazy being home. The little things that first world countries take for granted–and you live without when you’re traveling–we have back now. I’m talking about unlimited hot water, clean clothes at your fingertips, and a pantry to graze through. But then it doesn’t feel crazy. It feels like we […]

1 Baton + 10 Countries + 150 Seconds = Riley’s World Twirl

It took us 131 days to travel around the world. Watch Riley twirl through 10 countries in just 2.5 minutes.

5 Things I Love about Thailand

5. Laid-back lifestyle:  In the U.S., life is always crazy busy. Whether it’s work or juggling the kids’ itineraries, I never seem to find time to relax. In Thailand, the people are much more relaxed. Hopefully when I return to the U.S. some of that laid-back spirit will return home with me. 4.  The outdoor markets:  […]

Yin and Yang: East and West Cultural Differences

Just over 3/10 into the trip, there have been so many cultural (and strange) differences. For example, in many parts of Asia, you can’t throw toilet paper into the toilet. It could clog the drain and mess up the plumbing (out of habit I still throw it into the toilet occasionally). Then there is stuff […]

Save Your Lips, Man. Save Your Face.

We sat on the back row cowering closely together as the cobra continued to strike out at the man. What idiot would provoke the King Cobra on purpose? I wondered to myself as the snake charmer kept trying to set the snake off. He blew in the snake’s face and tapped his fingers trying to […]

Thai Doc-in-the-Box

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon. I’m lying in bed for the third day in Khao Lak, Thailand, and my fever continues to rise. It’s almost 103. I’m definitely getting worried because 1) I’m on my second antibiotic, and 2) I haven’t run a fever in close to a decade. Then it dawns on me: maybe […]

Celebrating Loi Krathong

In the ninth grade, my dad took a career aptitude test that told him he had great potential as a florist. Who knew that it would come true almost 40 years later? A round slice of banana tree trunk sat in front of us and flowers and banana leaves lay everywhere. We picked out exotic […]

Snorkeling the Similan Islands

“Jump, Riley!” I closed my eyes and heaved myself off the boat, plunging into the crystal clear water below.  I bobbed up to the surface and swam around the edge of the boat.  Delaney came around a few seconds after me. Just minutes earlier I was complaining about the rough 75 minute boat  ride.  “Ugh, […]