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Our Family’s Global Family Field Trip

The following story of our global family field trip appeared in Birmingham’s Over the Mountain Journal on March 15.  It gives a 30,000 foot view of our ~5 month journey. Amped-up Road Trip.

1 Baton + 10 Countries + 150 Seconds = Riley’s World Twirl

It took us 131 days to travel around the world. Watch Riley twirl through 10 countries in just 2.5 minutes.

The “Baa-awesome” Agrodome Sheep Show

You may or may not know that there are more sheep in New Zealand than humans.  The ratio of sheep to humans is 9:1 in New Zealand.  New Zealand has 34.2 million sheep and 6.2 million cows.  Kiwis love their sheep–everywhere you look you see a pasture overflowing with sheep.  You can’t come to New […]

Māori People, the Original Kiwis

If you look back on history, it seems like most countries were colonized or settled by either the British or French.  With each country settled by one of the two superpowers, wars with the natives took place.  The early American colonists fought with the Native Americans, the Australians took over the Aboriginals’ land, and the Kiwis […]

New Zealand’s Hottest Beach

How bizarre, I think, as we approach the beach.  Even from far away, I know this is no ordinary beach.  Instead of playing in the surf, or basking in the sun, bikini-clad women and bare-chested men furiously dig in the sand.  It looks like a scene from the movie Holes, except the diggers are vacationers, […]

Mobbed by Meerkats

We all had requirements for our ’round-the-world trip. For Dad: a road trip around New Zealand.  In progress. For Mom: New Year’s Eve in Sydney.  Check. For Delaney: a week in London.  Done. And for me… A meerkat encounter in Wellington, New Zealand. “It tickles, it tickles!” I quietly shrieked.  Meerkats scurried underneath the sack that […]

The World’s Steepest Street

Every city has that one street either nobody wants to live on, or everybody wants to live on.  In San Francisco, Lombard Street, or the World’s Crookedest Street, is that desirable street.  Halfway across the world in Dunedin, New Zealand, Baldwin Street is the dreaded opposite.  The complete reverse of Lombard Street, Baldwin Street is perfectly […]

Wanaka’s Bike Ride of Torture

There have been many hard, frustrating times on our trip. One was when I was literately stuck while trying to stand up with a heavy scuba tank on my back. Another was in Malaysia, when I was throwing up in the middle of the night with extreme stomach pain. Today we had another. Wanaka is […]

No Regrets! Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Absolutely not. No way.  Not going to happen.   Not on my watch. For six months, those were my standard responses each time Delaney and Riley asked if we could bungee jump in New Zealand.  Even Dale was on their side.  It was always three against one.  However, as mothers everywhere know, momma always has […]