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The Passport Project book is featured in Vestavia Hills Living magazine

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Global Family Travel Advocates

Condoleezza Rice International Day

As family “ed-venture” travel advocates, Kellie McIntyre and 4 Worn Passports have been featured in print and online news media, speaking engagements, podcasts, school visits and travel blogs.

We believe in the transformative power of experiential travel. We provide the inspiration and information to challenge others to travel boldly without sacrificing the kids’ college funds!

(Dale, Kellie, and Delaney McIntyre with Former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.)

Print Media

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Shoutout Colorado publication
Shoutout Colorado, August 2023.
The Girlfriend by AARP
The Girlfriend, from AARP, April 2023.
AGD Quarterly magaine
Alpha Gamma Delta magazine, 2022.
The Passport Project book is featured in Vestavia Hills Living magazine
Vestavia Hills Magazine, 2022.
The Passport Project press release
The Passport Project press release, 2022.
Village Living magazine
Village Living, May 2022.
Yellowhammer News
Yellowhammer News, April 2022.
280 Living
280 Living, May 2022.
Foreword Reviews
Foreword Reviews, March 2022.
Vestavia Hills Magazine
Vestavia Hills Magazine, April 2019.
World is Wide, July 2018.
Vestavia Voice
Vestavia Voice, March 2018.
Over the Mountain Journal, May 2014.

The Passport Project Editorial Reviews

Podcast Interviews

Parents Who Write

Kellie and Erin discuss writing, editing, parenting, and travel.

Planes, Trains, & Kids Abroad

Kellie and Erika discuss the transformational power of family travel.

The Homeschool Advantage

Kellie shares how their “first-class education from economy seats” turned into THE PASSPORT PROJECT.

The Vacation Mavens

Kellie reveals the secrets to planning a family trip to the magical Galapagos Islands that won’t break the bank! If you want to skip the intro, Kellie joins the show at 13:20.

The Ken Coleman Show

Ken Coleman Show features The Passport Project
Ken Coleman gives Kellie and The Passport Project a shout-out on his show.
Watch the two-minute segment on The Ken Coleman Show, March 1, 2022.

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