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About Us

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Gladiator School in Rome, Italy

Global Family Travel Goals

We are a family of travelers who set out to explore six continents together before our daughters finished high school. Country by country, trip by trip, we marched toward our goal. Some trips lasted just a week; others lasted two or three.

But as all travelers know, for every country you strike off your bucket list, two more take its place.

So our mission to give our daughters a global education through experiential learning led to two family sabbaticals: the first during middle school, and the second at the end of high school.

This mission was about more than filling their passports with stamps; it was about filling their heads with global knowledge, and filling their hearts with global compassion. 

Our coming-of-age travelogue, The Passport Project, shares the life-changing impact of trading our suburban bubble for the world.

Our website began as a way to share these world-schooling lessons (and meet homeschooling requirements). Since then, it has become a source of valuable information and inspiration for fellow travelers seeking global adventure and culture.

Whether you are planning a two week adventure vacation, or trying to muster the courage to take a family sabbatical, we encourage you to just do it!

Our Travel Philosophy

We believethat travel is the greatest gift you can give your children. It doesn’t break or go out of style, and the memories will last forever.

We believethe lessons that are learned through travel cannot be duplicated in the classroom. And these lessons—like the importance of freedom, tolerance, and an expanded world view—stick with you forever.

We believefamily travel creates lasting bonds and shared memories that will last well beyond childhood.

We believe…that most of the world can be traveled independently and for much less money than most people think. Our motto is:

No travel agent. No tour group. No trust fund. No problem!

We believe…that with careful planning and research, you can take extraordinary trips on an ordinary travel budget.

Why We Decided to Take a Family Sabbatical

International travel has been a part of our family from the beginning. Kellie was attracted to Dale for his wanderlust and blond curls. He was attracted to her sense of adventure and frequent flyer miles. Although the blond curls and frequent flyer miles are long gone, we’re still exploring the world together.

When Delaney and Riley came along, traveling took on a different sort of importance. Like most suburban families, we spend our days running like a hamster on a wheel. We run off in different directions—school, work, church, extracurriculars, etc.—and at the end of most days we wonder if we did anything that actually matters.

When we travel, it’s the one time we are all going in the same direction, experiencing the same things, and growing together.

Every year we would put another small notch in our travel belt, all-the-while dreaming of doing something more meaningful and life changing. You see, what we really wanted to do was travel around-the-world as a family.

When we first started talking about it, it seemed so radical.

It was only something that young-and-single or rich-and-retired people could do. Not suburban families with kids, jobs, pets, and a house, right? Wrong!

After spending two years stalking following the blogs of families who were traveling around the world, we realized this:

The only difference between them and us is that they stopped talking about it, and actually did it.

And so did we! And we hope you will too. 🙂



Kellie Flanagan McIntyre has traveled to 50 countries, including nearly 40 with her daughters. When she's not traveling, you'll find her writing about travel and drinking sweet tea at her home in Alabama.

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