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Taking a Family Gap Year (or make that Gap Half-Year)

International travel has been a part of our family from the beginning. I (Kellie) was attracted to my husband, Dale, for his wanderlust and blond curls. He was attracted to my sense of adventure and frequent flyer miles. Although the blond curls and frequent flyer miles are long gone, we’re still exploring the world together.

When Delaney and Riley came along, traveling took on a different sort of importance. Like most suburban families, we spend our days running like a hamster on a wheel. We run off in different directions–school, work, church, extracurriculars, etc.–and at the end of most days we wonder if we did anything, anything at all, that actually matters. When we travel, it’s the one time we are all going in the same direction, experiencing the same things, and growing together.

Every year we put another small notch in our travel belt all-the-while dreaming of doing something bigger, more meaningful, and life changing. You see, what we really, really want to do…is travel around-the-world as a family. When we first started talking about it, it seemed so radical. It was only something that rich, young, single, or retired people could do, right? Not suburban families with kids, jobs, pets, and a house, right? Wrong!

After spending the past two years stalking following the blogs of families who are traveling around the world, we realized this:

The only difference between them and us is that they stopped talking about it, and actually did it.

It’s already been 10 years since Delaney and Riley received their first passport stamps. In just 11 months, Delaney begins high school. There’s still so much for us to do–so many important conversations to have; so many life lessons to learn; so much world to explore. Time is quickly slipping away and our window to make this dream a reality is about to slam shut.

So beginning October 2013, we’re pushing pause on our conventional suburban life to take a short family gap year and travel around the world. We hope you’ll come along with us.

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