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Vietnam: Love It or Hate It?

Upon arrival at the airport in Hanoi, we walked out of the terminal and I thought that they must be having forest fires. The air was so thick and smelled like smoke. I asked our taxi driver if there were fires and he just looked at me with a blank stare oblivious to the question […]

5 Things I Love about Thailand

5. Laid-back lifestyle:  In the U.S., life is always crazy busy. Whether it’s work or juggling the kids’ itineraries, I never seem to find time to relax. In Thailand, the people are much more relaxed. Hopefully when I return to the U.S. some of that laid-back spirit will return home with me. 4.  The outdoor markets:  […]

Torture, Beheadings, and Gin

I tried gin once in my life and thought it tasted nasty.  According to a couple of “Beefeaters” at the Tower of London, it’s one of the best gins in the world; along with Tanqueray and Hendrix being the “choice gins.”  They did not think highly of Bombay Sapphire describing it as “vile.”  But enough […]