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Warning! This Safari is Rated-R for Sex and Violence

First class safaris don’t have to break the bank. You can easily experience a champagne safari on a beer budget if you know where to book.

Around the World and Back Again

Five months ago, if you were to ask me if I was looking forward to leaving for four+ months, the answer would have been no.  Nope.  Negative.  Not happening. Scratch that–actually if you were to have asked me, I would have most likely lied and said I was excited, with a fake smiled stretched across […]

Delaney’s RTW Trivia Quiz

When people learned of our “Global Family Field Trip” the responses were always the same: you’ll learn much more from traveling than you will from a textbook.  So I’ve created a 25 question quiz that summarizes some of the lessons we learned.  Please take it and let me know how you do!

Why the Balinese Don’t Need Baby Name Books

One of the best parts of having a baby is getting to choose the name, right?  While it may be for us Americans, the Balinese have a special naming system in which only four names are used! They don’t even get to pick from the four choices, because the Balinese and people of the nearby […]

Māori People, the Original Kiwis

If you look back on history, it seems like most countries were colonized or settled by either the British or French.  With each country settled by one of the two superpowers, wars with the natives took place.  The early American colonists fought with the Native Americans, the Australians took over the Aboriginals’ land, and the Kiwis […]

The World’s Steepest Street

Every city has that one street either nobody wants to live on, or everybody wants to live on.  In San Francisco, Lombard Street, or the World’s Crookedest Street, is that desirable street.  Halfway across the world in Dunedin, New Zealand, Baldwin Street is the dreaded opposite.  The complete reverse of Lombard Street, Baldwin Street is perfectly […]

Street Fight in The Rocks

My mom and I are walking back from a delicious dinner at Sydney’s popular restaurant, Pancakes on the Rocks, while Dad and Riley visit a nearby playground. We are almost back to our hostel in The Rocks, an area of the city filled with historic buildings that would cost a fortune if they weren’t government […]

Kim Phúc: Vietnam War’s Napalm Girl

Everybody has seen the picture of Kim Phúc, the girl in the most famous photograph from the Vietnam War. But what everybody doesn’t know is her story, and how she made it out of Vietnam. We had hired a guide and a driver for the day to take us to some of Saigon’s most famous […]

My Day at Green Shoots International School

I have lived in the same neighborhood since I was an infant. I’ve gone to school and grown up with the same people since preschool. Being the “new kid” is a title I have never worn. The few times where I meet a big group of new people is at camp, but no one knows […]

Think Your Job’s Hard? 3 Jobs in Vietnam That Are Probably Harder

Do you ever think to yourself, Today sure was a hard day at work? Well of course, you say. This went wrong and then this happened which put me in a worse mood. Before feeling all sorry for yourself and listening to the violins play, think to yourself what others go through around the world, […]