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World-school Challenges: MacBook Air vs. Acer

World-schooling and Computers

Have you ever gotten something new, loved it for a month, then absolutely despised even just looking at it?

Believe me, I sure have.

It was Christmas morning 2008, and Delaney and I were opening our last present.

“It’s for y’all to share, okay?” Mom told us.

We ripped open the box, and saw a small, blue laptop. I was so excited. I turned the computer on, and ten minutes later we finally pulled up the browser. Now this computer was an Acer, so I didn’t exactly expect lightning speed. In my opinion, ten minutes is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a computer to load, even for an Acer.

A month or so later, it was even worse. I had a routine now: as the computer was loading, I would run the perimeter of all three floors of our house. You may think that sounds funny, but in 2nd grade, I was just trying to pass the time.

After years of begging for an Apple computer, we received a MacBook Air on Christmas Day, 2011.  Finally, we had a computer that was actually useable! I was psyched, and hoped to NEVER see the Acer again.

I wasn’t so lucky.

Guess what?  We brought the Acer on the trip!

Why? Well, trust me, I didn’t want to. It was obvious to bring the Air. However, we had to bring two computers with us on the trip, and the Acer was the only other choice that was light and small enough. Delaney and I are doing online curriculums that only work on computers because our iPads (or any tablet) aren’t able to run the required software.

Image of two girls working on Acer and MacBook Air
Rosewood Academy-Venice campus

I had been hoping we wouldn’t find it, and we could even get a nice, new Apple computer. Lucky me, my mom found it deep in the attic, where she stores stuff to give away. After weeks of resetting and fixing the small laptop, it was supposedly “good as new.”

New was never good.

The Acer is worse than ever, and it now takes around 28 minutes to turn the computer on and pull up the curriculum (yes, we timed it). If you are considering giving your child a new computer for Christmas, PLEASE make it an Apple! I can do almost a day’s worth of math on our Mac in the time it takes to get to a website on the Acer.

Rosewood Academy-BWI campus

The Acer is so bad, it is the one electronic that we don’t put in the safe when we leave our hotel room.  I just don’t think anyone will even steal it.

Even thieves have standards.

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