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Author - Riley

Mey Cambodia genocide survivor

Cambodia’s Genocide: What I Never Learned in School

Unlike most genocides which are typically rooted in differences in religion or ethnicity, Pol Pot’s genocide was different. It was the mass murder of Cambodians by Cambodians. Only 7 out of 16,000 men survived the house of horrors known as S-21 Prison. Learn the remarkable stories of how...

Scuba diving boat

How to Get PADI Certified in the Maldives in 4 Steps

If you are planning a vacation to an amazing dive spot, consider getting PADI scuba certified through the referral program. In just four easy steps, learn how to do the boring part in your hometown, and then do your certification dives somewhere fabulous. Friends don't let friends get...

Two girls mat weaving Kim Bong Island

Family Gap Year Review

Families can take gap years too. A 7th graders shares her around-the-world (RTW) post-trip report.

Trash Surfing in Seminyak, Bali

What you need to know about Bali's trash season before your surfing vacation. Family hits the waves with Santai Surf School in Seminyak, Bali.