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My Namibia Road Trip: 10 Days of Sand, Seals, and Safaris

When I told my friends I was going to Namibia this summer, I got the same few reactions from everyone:

“Where’s Namibia?”

Or “What’s Namibia?”

And sometimes even “Why Namibia?”

Riley’s Post-Trip Report

Well, we’re back home. It feels crazy being home. The little things that first world countries take for granted–and you live without when you’re traveling–we have back now. I’m talking about unlimited hot water, clean clothes at your fingertips, and a pantry to graze through. But then it doesn’t feel crazy. It feels like we […]

1 Baton + 10 Countries + 150 Seconds = Riley’s World Twirl

It took us 131 days to travel around the world. Watch Riley twirl through 10 countries in just 2.5 minutes.

Trash Surfing in Seminyak, Bali

When we pulled up to the beach my first impression was how different it was from any other beach I’d ever been to.  There was trash EVERYWHERE.  We were here to surf, not to drown in litter. I then learned how all of the trash accumulated on the beach.  Don’t blame it all on the […]

Ubud, Bali: The Sedona of Asia

If you’ve ever been to Sedona, Arizona, you know what it’s like: filled with yoga classes, high-end spas, and a Zen vibe.  Well…Asia has a Sedona, too.  It’s just under the name of Ubud, Bali.  The bonus about Bali is the ridiculously cheap prices. In this post I will compare prices for yoga and spas […]

The “Baa-awesome” Agrodome Sheep Show

You may or may not know that there are more sheep in New Zealand than humans.  The ratio of sheep to humans is 9:1 in New Zealand.  New Zealand has 34.2 million sheep and 6.2 million cows.  Kiwis love their sheep–everywhere you look you see a pasture overflowing with sheep.  You can’t come to New […]

Mobbed by Meerkats

We all had requirements for our ’round-the-world trip. For Dad: a road trip around New Zealand.  In progress. For Mom: New Year’s Eve in Sydney.  Check. For Delaney: a week in London.  Done. And for me… A meerkat encounter in Wellington, New Zealand. “It tickles, it tickles!” I quietly shrieked.  Meerkats scurried underneath the sack that […]

Wanaka’s Bike Ride of Torture

There have been many hard, frustrating times on our trip. One was when I was literately stuck while trying to stand up with a heavy scuba tank on my back. Another was in Malaysia, when I was throwing up in the middle of the night with extreme stomach pain. Today we had another. Wanaka is […]

Fortune Teller in Sydney: Real or Fake?

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, it was finally my turn.  I gingerly sat down in the provided chair and looked at the mysterious fortune teller. My mom had scored tickets to our hostel’s rooftop New Year’s Eve party.  One of the entertainment sources was the 2014 fortune teller. I was with my […]

First Dive Ever…on the Great Barrier Reef!

First a weight was attached around my waist. Then Ben, our instructor, put a 30 pound backpack (known as a BCD) and scuba tank on my back, making sure I didn’t topple over as I sat down. I put my feet in the ocean water and squeezed my feet into the super tight flippers. Mom, […]