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Why You Should Book Ubud, Bali Instead of Sedona for Your Spa Vacation

If you’ve ever been to Sedona, Arizona, you know what it’s like: filled with yoga classes, high-end spas, and a Zen vibe.  Well…Asia has a Sedona, too.  It’s just under the name of Ubud, Bali.  The bonus about Bali is the ridiculously cheap prices.

Ubud, Bali Spa Prices

In this post I will compare prices for yoga and spas in both cities.  Let’s get started:

How much is a typical 60 minute massage in Sedona?  Yikes!  $160 is the STARTING price.  I mean, some are more than $395 for an hour.  If you want the same thing in Bali…how about $8?  Yep, you heard me.

Eight bucks.  Eight big ones.  Eight pieces of dough.

So in Ubud, Mom and I did a five hour package at the Putri Bali Spa.  And, for five hours packed with spa stuff (like massage, body scrub, milk bath, facial, hair conditioner, manicure and pedicure), it cost us a mere $37*.  In perspective that’s $7 an hour.

Now after 5 hours at a spa in Sedona, you’d have said goodbye to $350.  Add a zero to the last per hour price.

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How about foot reflexology?  For an hour at the Putri Bali Spa, it costs $6.50.  I don’t know how they make a profit after paying all the workers.  Foot reflexology in Sedona would set you back $180!

yogiSo maybe you’re interested in taking a yoga class.  For an hour-long class in Ubud, it’s $10 including all of the supplies like a mat, block, and straps.  Ten dollars is kind of expensive for a yoga class, but you don’t have to go to the paid one.  In Ubud, at the Yoga Barn there’s even a FREE community class.  That’s the one we attended.  A yoga session in Sedona would be around $16 a person, or $64 for our family to fail at a yoga class.

There are so many more price differences between Ubud and Sedona, but in the end the point is that Ubud is the budget version of Sedona.  Going to Ubud you get the same thing as Sedona but with way better prices.

Yoga Barn, Ubud
Free community yoga class at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

For our frugal family, it was a pretty easy decision!

*Before tip.  At $7/hr, you can afford to be generous.

If you enjoy being active, be sure to go surfing in Bali.

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