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Warning! This Safari is Rated-R for Sex and Violence

First class safaris don’t have to break the bank. You can easily experience a champagne safari on a beer budget if you know where to book.

My Namibia Road Trip: 10 Days of Sand, Seals, and Safaris

When I told my friends I was going to Namibia this summer, I got the same few reactions from everyone:

“Where’s Namibia?”

Or “What’s Namibia?”

And sometimes even “Why Namibia?”

Riley’s Post-Trip Report

Well, we’re back home. It feels crazy being home. The little things that first world countries take for granted–and you live without when you’re traveling–we have back now. I’m talking about unlimited hot water, clean clothes at your fingertips, and a pantry to graze through. But then it doesn’t feel crazy. It feels like we […]

The “Baa-awesome” Agrodome Sheep Show

You may or may not know that there are more sheep in New Zealand than humans.  The ratio of sheep to humans is 9:1 in New Zealand.  New Zealand has 34.2 million sheep and 6.2 million cows.  Kiwis love their sheep–everywhere you look you see a pasture overflowing with sheep.  You can’t come to New […]

Mobbed by Meerkats

We all had requirements for our ’round-the-world trip. For Dad: a road trip around New Zealand.  In progress. For Mom: New Year’s Eve in Sydney.  Check. For Delaney: a week in London.  Done. And for me… A meerkat encounter in Wellington, New Zealand. “It tickles, it tickles!” I quietly shrieked.  Meerkats scurried underneath the sack that […]

Save Your Lips, Man. Save Your Face.

We sat on the back row cowering closely together as the cobra continued to strike out at the man. What idiot would provoke the King Cobra on purpose? I wondered to myself as the snake charmer kept trying to set the snake off. He blew in the snake’s face and tapped his fingers trying to […]

Snorkeling the Similan Islands

“Jump, Riley!” I closed my eyes and heaved myself off the boat, plunging into the crystal clear water below.  I bobbed up to the surface and swam around the edge of the boat.  Delaney came around a few seconds after me. Just minutes earlier I was complaining about the rough 75 minute boat  ride.  “Ugh, […]

Cockroaches in Paradise

It’s midnight and I’m hanging in a hammock in a bamboo-floor hut somewhere in the Panamanian rainforest. Birds and bats flutter against the thatch roof, but my attention is on the beam six feet above my head. In the hammock next to mine, my 10-year-old daughter is chanting, “God is with me. God is with […]