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Fortune Teller in Sydney: Real or Fake?

New Year’s Eve Party at the Sydney Harbour YHA

Fortune Teller
After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, it was finally my turn.  I gingerly sat down in the provided chair and looked at the mysterious fortune teller.

Rooftop party Sydney Harbour YHA
New Year’s Eve party on the rooftop terrace

My mom had scored tickets to our hostel’s rooftop New Year’s Eve party.  One of the entertainment sources was the 2014 fortune teller.

I was with my dad in line for lemonade, when I heard the announcement that there was a fortune teller here for two hours.  I ran power-walked to the other side of the terrace to find I was already the third person waiting.  I just expected a two minute fortune, but NO, these were twenty minute readings.  I gazed at the fortune teller’s outfit: a dark, long dress, a necklace, and a forehead headband.  It sure was something.  The line was building up, and I was relieved that I was up next.

I didn’t believe that she could really tell me anything about myself other than the stuff she overheard while I was chatting in line with some other guests.  I thought this lady would just tell me a bunch of mumbo-jumbo lies.  But boy, was I wrong.

The person in front of me had finished and I sat down quickly and quietly.

“Please shuffle the cards,” she whispered across the table.

I laughed, “I don’t know how to shuffle unless you mean grabbing random cards and stuffing them back in the stack.”

“That’s okay.  When is your birthday?”

“April 17, 2001.”

I “shuffled” the cards and cut the deck twice.  I handed her back the cards.  She placed them on the table and opened a large, old book. She flipped to a page that read April 2001.

“You like to travel, eh?” she asked.

Well, duh. I have a Southern U.S. accent and I’m in Australia, I thought.  I nodded.

She then laid out some cards on the table.

Fortune Teller

“You are definitely organized.  And I see that you go for it.  When you have an idea, you just do it.  Where others would see a brick wall, you see an idea.  That is a good thing, and it will make you very successful.”

That was creepy!  I am VERY organized and always come up with new ideas.  I just thought it was a coincidence so far.  She then said I was athletic, caring, and would go into medical studies one day, which would also make me successful.  The fortune teller said that I will always have one or two best friends; and while that was all I needed, I would have many acquaintances.  It then seemed so real. Everything she said was just so true and so me.

Then she said that my dad would get a new job, but I just giggled. He just merged his company with another, so I know that won’t happen.  I didn’t have any questions, so I was done.

So maybe you’re thinking that it was all just a coincidence.  At first I did too.  But after the rest of my family went, their readings were all spot on also.  Either this lady has had monitors on my life since I was a toddler, or she’s the real thing.

I should have asked her the exact day we’d be going home.  If she could answer that question, I’d know for sure if she was real or fake.  Even my parents don’t know the answer to that question!

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