Family Trip Idea: Take the Kids to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Visiting the Blue Lagoon

Bridge over Iceland's Blue Lagoon

In Iceland, my favorite attraction was the Blue Lagoon. You goofy goober SpongeBob Squarepants fans out there, I am NOT talking about his beach. What I’m talking about is a geothermal pool located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

When we first got there, I was glad that the parking lot was only half full. I liked that the facility was nicer than the kid-friendly pool we had visited the day before. I hoped that meant that there would be shower curtains in the locker room where you take the required pre-swim shower. It turns out, it did have shower doors, but that still didn’t erase the previous day’s horrifying experience when we learned about Iceland’s rules for swimming in its geothermal pools.

Out of the cold!

The Blue Lagoon is an opaque, light blue color that is surprisingly warm (and in some places even hot). The temperature feels like a hot tub, and is heated when a cold mixture of seawater and groundwater meet inside Earth, and is quickly heated while it moves to the surface.

Blue Lagoon's swim up bar
Thirsty anyone?

We scurried in our bathing suits out of the locker room and hopped in the pool. We noticed that about half of the people there had smeared white stuff on their faces, and another visitor directed us to the mud buckets. As I ladled out globs of white silica, I read that it was supposed to “renew and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft and silky.” Really though, all it seemed to do for me was to make my chin rough and dry, and it burned under the water.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Blue Lagoon. This overpriced tourist attraction was a great way to “chillax” before our next flight to London.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh, Riley. We almost felt like we were there. Natalie said she would pass on the rejuvenating silica but Rachel would be slathering it all over her body! We are both anxious to hear about the locker room experience from Delaney. Please write soon!

    We miss you! And we love your updates.

    😜📷🐬✈ (symbols compliments of Natalie)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! As we suspected, between jet lag, sight-seeing, homeschooling, figuring out where we’re going next AND making reservations, we can’t find the time to blog. We leave tomorrow for Italy where we hope to slow down a bit and start churning out some posts. 🙂

  2. Love the pictures and the stories! We think of you often …and wonder if a Dale is pulling his bag or carrying on his back. 🙂 all the best dear friends!!!

  3. How does one become the bartender at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? 🙂 Awesome post, Riley. I’m really looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    1. It seems that the requirements for bartenders at the Blue Lagoon include shaving your eyebrows and then doing some sort of weird Dr. Spock tattoo in their place. I just don’t think that would be a great look for someone running for judge.

    1. Hey there cheapskate soul-sister! Personally, I prefer the term “financially strategic.” I think being frugal on the little things is an excellent trade-off for the big adventures we’ve enjoyed. Remember when you picked up the the discarded tissue on the grounds of the ruins above Ollyantaytambo, Peru? And then you used it later as TP? That’s financial strategy at its finest!

  4. Sounds like you all are having a blast! I can’t wait to Skype with Amelia and Jake tonight to tell them about your post. I know they are looking forward to “following” your trip.

  5. Love the bridge! How cold was it outside? Looks like a giant hot tub! Very cool! Great picture of you and Delaney! Kristen and Nicole miss you already! They will love reading your post! Have fun! Look forward to hearing about the next leg of your adventure! Give lots of feedback on Harry Potter World!!!!

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