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How to Cross the Street in Vietnam in 5 Easy Steps

Traffic in Vietnam

As you probably know by now, the traffic in Vietnam is insane. Motorbikes on the sidewalks; driving on both sides of the road; entire families on a single motorcycle; and the few stop lights here are completely ignored.

It is complete chaos, but the locals are unfazed by it.

Now, after two and a half weeks in Vietnam, my family has gotten very good at crossing the street. In fact, we barely blink an eye at the continuous wave of motorbikes and a few taxis.

If you ever go to Vietnam, here are some tips for crossing the street:

  1. This one’s obvious–look the way the traffic is coming, which means both directions.
  2. Meet the eyes of the people driving straight at you. This will help them avoid you.
  3. When in the middle of the road, KEEP GOING AND DON’T STOP. Believe me, they will dodge you, even if it’s by just a hair.
  4. You don’t want to be arrested for jay-walking, but crosswalks don’t really matter here. To locals, it’s just white paint on the road with no meaning.
  5. Last and most importantly–be careful! According to our driver, 40 people a day die in traffic accidents in Vietnam.

Conclusion: Look confident, don’t hesitate, and hopefully you’ll make it across alive.

*If you follow these tips and you are hurt, don’t blame this guide (I’m only 12 years old).

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